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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Fairy Tale City- Canterbury

Once upon a time, I went across the great big ocean with my handsome prince, and visited many lands. The very best land of them all was a little town called Canterbury. Have you heard of "The Canterbury Tales"? Well, this is that place!

The streets are brick, the shops are quaint, the pastries are perfect, the people are nice, the river is winding, the cathedral is beautiful and filled with history. What's there not to love?

*looking down over a bridge into the river, we saw these statues laying in the water. No explanation- just an eerie sight!

We stayed in a charming little hotel which was so beautifully decorated, called the Best Western Abbots Barton. The bathroom was all tiled, and had high ceilings. The bedrooms had gorgeous chocolate brocade curtains, and old fashioned wing-back chairs. The desk clerks were friendly and helpful- no snotty european attitudes. The food was good, too.

My favorite part was the little river trip we took in the center of town. It was a small, winding river with lush greenery on either side, little ducks floating and bobbing, and beautiful old churches and shops and houses along the banks. We went directly under a bridge that was almost 1000 years old, and is still in use! I even touched it! It was so picturesque I thought I was in a dream!

The Cathedral there is famous for Thomas Beckett who was murdered there. I stood in the spot the tragedy occurred. We saw where he was laid and enshrined before the evil king had everything destroyed. The history there was awe-inspiring!

What a lovely little town, Canterbury. I would love to return again. I highly recommend it to any and all who may find themselves traveling to distant lands!


Loralee Choate said...

That is probably my one and only regret about my trip to the UK. I wish I had gotten to see Bath and Canterbury and Oxford.


Heidi said...

okay... that's where *I* want to go...

I need a vacation so bad - I don't think this is in the budget... ;)