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Thursday, July 31, 2008

My inner highschool reunion

I wasn't going to give in. I wasn't going to "go with the crowd", but I bought it for something to do on the 10 hour flight back home from France, and... well.... I got completely and utterly sucked in to the "Twilight" series, and now I can't think of anything else!

Confessions of my inner highschool girl: I must admit, I never really and truly left high school. Oh, it wasn't like it was the pinacle of my existenance- far from it- but life was simpler then, in a complicated way. (what?) I was totally guy obsessed, it's true. I couldn't help it, isn't that what 17 year old girls are supposed to do? That's what my manual book said.

So, when I read "Twilight" just before leaving Paris, I wasn't prepared for how my inner 17 year old would react. She violently overthrew my more mature woman half, suppressing her into the deepest recesses of my psyche, and now I hear her occasionally screaming from somewhere deep inside that the laundry needs to be done, or something about cooking dinner. Honestly, all I hear is "Edward".

So, book 4 comes out on Saturday. I didn't even freak out this much when the last few Harry Potters came out. I knew Harry would live in the end. I just knew it- Good always trumps evil in the end. But, I am just not certain at all how this series will end, and it is freaking me out! (Remember, I no longer have a mature side to function with.)

I am rooting for Edward all the way. Ya, Ya... I know. Jacob would be better for her in the long run- she'd be able to have babies, and not eat her neighbors, be human- blah, blah, blah. But who wants normal? What's the point of reading a fictional novel if it's all going to end up like your own life? (I love my life, don't get me wrong. But everyone's gotta have a little fantasy in their life, right?)

Edward is unrealistically handsome, to be sure. He is intrigued by his inability to read Bella's mind, and some would say that, along with her alluring scent, is the only reason he loves her. I disagree. They have an inexplicable connection. I think they are truly "soul mates" if such a thing existed. (If he has a soul, even!) I think things would only get better between the two of them when she becomes a vampire. I think she will have very special powers that we can't even imagine.

Also, I think Bella needs her relationship with Edward. She has always had to be the responsible one with her mom. That is really hard on a kid. Her dad seems like just a guy who eats the food she cooks, and is worried someone will come and take her away from him so he'd have to go back to Hungry Man dinners again. (No, I know he loves her, but it isn't a father/daughter relationship.) Bella needs someone to take care of her, shelter her, protect her. I think Edward would always do that for her- Jacob just wants someone to play with.

So, let me know your thoughts. Let's put down our adult sides for a minute and revert back to high school. Think like a hormone- ridden teenager! Who do you think will get the girl in the end? Who do you WANT to get her? (I will forgive you the error of your thinking if you choose Jacob over Edward.)


Loralee Choate said...

Dude, are you going to design an "I heart Edward" apron now???? ;)

I DID NOT WANT TO READ THESE. However, a friend threw them on me and I was stuck in Minnesota by myself with nothing else to do, so I read them. And liked them for the most par.

Unfortunately I understand the whole Edward/Bella thing and yes, they should end up together. If they didn't I think the fallout on many would be a lot worse than if she ended up with Jacob. I think she would be unhappy her whole life and that would make everyone around her unhappy.


I guess I don't get the whole soulmate thing between them. Bella and Edward don't seem to do much besides flee from danger and him watching her sleep all the time. (Which, btw? I have a problem with that. Around here people keep saying, "And it's the great, CLEAN, Young Adult book" because its author is LDS. UM. NOT REALLY)

It seems like Bella and Jacob have more substance to their relationship. I kinda wish she had done a better job with that.

And? It totally, TOTALLY bugs me that Bella is willing to go through torture and human quasi-death to be with Edward but she gets her human knickers in a twist about getting married? HUH??? That makes no sense what so ever.

Final beef: There is NO FREAKING WAY that someone who has lived 90 years on the earth would pick to constantly hang out with teenagers and have his soulmate be an 18 year old. I will buy the whole "Vampire/Warewolf" thing as a reality before I buy THAT one.

And? I'm so buying the book on Saturday. Sigh.

Ok, I am done.

Lauren said...

I have read a few articles in various places where Stephenie Meyer reveals that Bella and Edward's wedding will take place, but very early on in the book. I guess anything can happen! I also remember reading somewhere that she never intended to have Jacob be such a huge part of the story, but that the ending of Breaking Dawn is just what she always pictured. I just don't know what to expect! It makes me wish that we could return books after reading them if we really don't like the ending! I'm sure it will be just fine.

Erin Taylor said...

It did have a hard time with the whole, he's a hundred years old and hanging out in highschool thing, but I think if you think like a highschooler, it doesn't matter. (That would be my personal Hell, by the way- repeating high school over and over.)

What do you mean it's not a clean book? He is a vampire with morals- they don't "do" anything! (it is a little frustrating, too.)

I hope you are right. I will never read another book of hers if she doesn't end up with Edward. And I will be reading the end first!

Andrea said...

I just don't understand what Edward and Bella have in common other than a few near death experiences and physical attraction. It doesn't seem lasting. It's very happily ever after if you've seen the it Enchanted?? With Patrick Dempsey??

Truly, the teenager in me totally lusts after Edward to the point I may be breaking commandments. I love the books, eat them up several times over.

Really, I may be tainted by discovering letter and notes written to me by different guys in high school recently. And the whole, "I'll die without you" thing is so very silly.

People have asked me if Wes is dead inside. As I talk about all of this lack of romance, it may well be me who's dead inside. It's a good thing I'm not writing this book, it would be so depressing. As it is I'm really looking forward to a happily ever after. I just don't want Jacob to be sad anymore. I really like him.

Loralee Choate said...

By adult standards, yup. It's a clean book. However, I don't think I would let my kids read it (Older teens probably but not younger ones)

I just have a problem that non of my very conservative friends just pass this off as an ok book for their kids to read because it has an LDS author.

The guy hangs out in her room all night long every night, "Sleeps" with her and nothing happens?

Plus, the sexual undertone is pretty fierce. Again, I don't have a problem with it because I see it as it is. I just don't think it's a totally "Clean" book for youth. My opinion only. (And as you know I am NOOOOOO prude. heh.)

Yes, reliving high school would be a never ending hell. SHUDDER.

Loralee Choate said...

wow. I need to edit before hitting send. It should say "I have a problem that many of my very conservative friends..."

Whit said...

Edward! I think! It will be fascinating to rea dthe next one. I know, I told myself that I wouldn't get sucked into the books and I did! Can't wait to see the movie to!