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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend notes

What I loved this weekend:

My husband brought me my favorite treat in the world, (an eclaire!) and a very sweet card for Valentine's Day! And there wasn't an eye-roll in sight! Wooo Hoooooo!!!!!

My son made me the cutest note with a picture. It said "Valentine's Day is the perfect time to go camping." with a picture of us around a campfire in red glitter. It is sooo cute.

I enjoyed a very romantic candle light dinner complete with steak and sauteed mushrooms, butterflied shrimp, asparagus with lemon, tossed italian salad, and chocolate dipped strawberries with sparkeling pear juice, and Nat King Cole singing in the background- Valentine's dinner with my husband and son. It's our new Valentine's tradition.

I learned some wonderful things about some amazing women in my ward (church) that I didn't know before. I wish life was such that we could have deep discussions with people more frequently. I love learning from others' lives and experiences!

I got to go to my mom's Sunday night, and visited my in-laws, too. It was a very nice visit.

I played Hide and Seek with my son and my neices. I haven't played that in years and years! My little neice was so brave, we hid in a pitch black closet with the dog- whom she is deathly afraid of- for about 20 minutes while the kids looked for us. She didn't make a peep, and ended up becoming best friends with the dog! (the dog was perfectly silent, too. Well, except for the panting and drooling on my bare feet!)

I get to have one more day with my son before he has to go back to school tomorrow. I think maybe we'll go to the movies!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a very happy life!