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Thursday, April 30, 2009

kitchen woes

I got online last night to a site that helps you redecorate your room. ( It's pretty cool, actually. You put in the size of the room and you can add cabinets and large appliances, or furniture, and change it around to see what fits best.

However, a project that should have been fun and exciting actually bummed me out. We are about to re-do our kitchen. My kitchen is the strangest shape ever, and nothing makes sense. No matter how I arrange things, it just makes me CRAZY!!!!

I know I should be excited about getting a dishwasher and a little more counter space- (emphasis being on the word "little"), but it is just soooo frustrating to me to have such a stupid, non-functional work space that I have to spend several hours in every day!

The way the kitchen is laid out, it really isn't an "eat in" kitchen. However, there is no other dining room in the house, so we've put a table in the living room where we eat. It works.... sort of. No matter how I try to make it work, I just can't seem to arrange the kitchen in such a way as to make it a true "eat in" kitchen. I've settled for putting bar stools at one of the counters and maybe 3 people could fit at it.... maybe.

But... at least I'll have a dishwashwer, and a few more cabinets. It won't be ideal... by any sense of the word... but it will be better. I should just focus on that, right? I don't want to be ungrateful!

Anyone know an HONEST contractor?????


Jen said...

Good luck finding an honest there such a ehing. Maybe you should ask Ryan P. for some suggestions.