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Monday, April 13, 2009

What? It's Easter? Since when is it in April????

Easter snuck up on me this year.

I usually make such a big deal about it- spending weeks looking for that perfect Easter outfit for us all, getting the right treats for the baskets- Mounds eggs for my hubby, fun colored candies for the kid, dark chocolate for me, along with something salty, a fun drink, a book or movie, a toy, and lots of filled eggs to find around the house. My hubby usually hides them---- extremely well---- and it makes Easter extra fun.

This year? Well, it came so quickly, by the time I realized it was almost here, I had no time.

So? It was a 10:30 pm dash to Smith's grocery to pick through the left-over candy, grab the last bag of plastic eggs (because I couldn't find my giant bag anywhere!), run home and fill the baskets, quickly fill the too-small eggs, hide them by myself (in VERY obvious places- you could stand in the middle of the living room and see every single one!) because my hubby was asleep. Then, I made a dessert and deviled eggs for dinner the next day, then collapsed into bed.

I didn't buy any new Easter outfits this year. My son looked the same as he always does on Sunday mornings, although I did manage to iron his clothes- something new. I pulled a dress out of the dark regions of my sewing room, one I had started over a year ago and never finished- quickly pinned it together, and wore that. Hubby was on his own, but managed to put something decent together as well.

So, Easter wasn't the fashion show it usually is around here, but I realize it was ok. We thoroughly enjoyed church, and really felt the Spirit. We enjoyed time at my Mom's with my brother and sis. in law and their darling girls, and ate way too much candy.

So, we didn't join the "Easter Parade" of cute new outfits, but it was a great Easter! And I'll probably find a steal on new clothes this coming week since the rush is over- even better!


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Sounds like a good day. I agree, Easter totally snuck up on me too!

Lauren said...

We didn't get new Easter clothes either. This is actually the third Easter the girls wore their dresses! We may need to retire them for next Easter, but we have certainly gotten our money's worth. ($13 from because of a pricing error online! Sometimes surfing the web at midnight pays off.)We wish we could have been with you all. I was missing you terribly on Easter.

Anonymous said...

Not about clothes? You were a doll!! I loved your dress and sweater. Eason looked adorable as always. We kind of had the same ordeal. You can see my blog about out clothing info!