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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A woman on the edge!

Could someone please tell my 8 year old that when mommy puts you to bed with hugs and kisses, night time drink, more hugs and kisses, turns the music on, the lights off and walks out saying "Now, do NOT yell from your bed! No matter how important you think it may be, do NOT yell from your bed. This is goodnight now, so NO MORE TALKING!" and she walks out of your room and into her's,

You DON'T YELL FROM YOUR BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My freshly colored hair needs a re-touch from the 20 or so new grey hairs that just popped out due to my complete and utter insanity caused by my beloved child.

Oh, and a note to my sweet husband: the sink full of dishes that are overflowing onto the kitchen counter is just a little friendly note to let you know I will NOT go another day without a dishwasher! I am officially on strike!

(Oh, and I'm not folding laundry anymore, either. No particular reason, I have just reached my limit!)


Jen said...

He he he...I can relate! Gotta love doors that lock from the outside! :)