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Sunday, April 26, 2009

PMS Preparedness merit badge

Ok, my husband gets the PMS Preparedness Merit Badge... if there is such a thing.

He came home yesterday with a sack for me. He called it his PMS emergency kit.

It consisted of:

1 2 litter bottle of Diet Coke and
1 bag of Corn nuts

The only thing it was missing was Ben and Jerry's "Everything But The..." ice cream, but I can't expect perfection all at once. I was able to find some left over Easter chocolate, so I was set.

Thanks, Babe. You saved me.... and made life much easier for yourself- (but I have a sneaking suspicion you already knew that would be a benefit!)


Anonymous said...

mmmmm, that actually sounds really good right now!

What a sweet husband. Jotham still says DAILY, "I can't believe Merrit isn't in the Bishporic....I really thought..." It has now been a week and it is still coming...