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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Counting the many blessings...

Today I was reminded how blessed I am.

Today I was reminded how the Holy Spirit can touch our lives in subtle ways, allowing us to be reminded that Heavenly Father knows who we are and cares about us.

Today I saw my son "inventing" a peanut butter ball recipe and was overwhelmed with gratitude for him and his interest in cooking like his mommy.

Today I pulled up to our little house after church and was grateful for all the hard work we put into cleaning our yard up yesterday- it looks so good. Hard work is good for the soul!

Today I took a nice nap with my hubby and fell asleep to the warm breeze coming through our open window. I just took a deep breath in and smiled.

Today I was reminded that it doesn't matter how far off the beaten path you get, you can always find your way back, and there will always be people who prayed you back, waiting for you with open arms.

I'm grateful for today.