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Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's NOT OK!!!!

Who said it was OK for a 32 year old to be a grandmother already?

Who said it was OK for a 15 year old to have a baby in the first place?

Today, I am thinking on all things NOT ok with me.

It's NOT ok that people go outside and smoke on their front porch, making it so I have have to shut my doors and windows and roast inside my own home to keep from dying of second-hand smoke induced lung cancer!

It's NOT ok for a doctor to start lecturing you on how juice raises your blood sugar and how important it is for you to drink that juice when your blood sugar is below 49 when you can't keep said juice down because you are throwing it all up and called the Dr. to get advice on other options before you resort to going to the ER! (happened yesterday with my hubby.... not a good day!)

It is NOT ok for 14 year old girls to parade around in next to nothing at school because they are going to end up like the girl at the first of this NOT OK post!

It is NOT ok that some movies have sad endings, some books have a much beloved character die, and some stores are out of Ben and Jerry's "Everything But The..." when you need it most!

Life's not always fair, and that's not ok, either!!!!!!


Andrea said...

I agree with the rest, but I disturbingly like sad endings. Like Becoming Jane or Gone With The Wind. It feels more realistic.