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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Guys Night= No Girls Allowed!

Last night my hubby and son had a "guys night".

They usually plan these nights when I am going to be gone for my own girls night, or a meeting.

Needless to say, my son was talking about it all day long. I called my hubby to let him know what the "agenda" was going to be (as per my son's request.) Apparently they were going to need to come up with about 8 more hours in the night to accomplish all that was required for the successful guys night! ("First, we'll go get dinner- hamburgers or a yummy sandwich. Then we'll go shoot of my rocket. Then we'll go to a movie. Then we'll go to the nickelcade. Then we'll come home and play video games and you can make us a yummy snack. Then...." Well, it went on and on!)

So, as I drove home from my meeting, I could see they were over at the school field. I knew they were shooting off their rocket, so I couldn't resist. I drove over and got out to watch. Apparently there were technical difficulties, and clearly a MOM can't understand these things. I quickly got the idea I should butt out, so I went home to read.

They got the rocket working and had a blast! It warmed my heart to see them enjoying themselves together.

And made me even happier that I didn't have to be the one to shoot off the rocket!

And yet even happier I had some quiet reading time all to myself!

Yay for guys night!


erachamay said...

I like how it's all guys, until a snack is needed. Then you can come back to fix it... :)