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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not a stand-up-in-the-kitchen-snarfing-it-down kind of dinner, but what you gonna do...

Tonight I made pasta for dinner. Hubby was going mountain biking in the canyons with a friend and I am paranoid my diabetic husband will pass out from low blood sugar, so I made pasta.  But not just any pasta. I made Penne pasta in a smoked gouda and white wine cream sauce with sundried tomatoes and artichoke hearts, with garlic and butter shrimp on the top with a crusty parmesan topping.

And we snarfed it down while standing up leaning against the kitchen counter. I laughed at the oddity of it all. It was a meal fit for a candlelight dinner with sparkling bubbly and chocolate dipped strawberries, but here we were eating it as though it was Kraft Mac and Cheese and the house was on fire.

Ahhh... real life. Gotta love it sometimes.  At least I sent my husband off with a belly full of deliciousness rather than yellow death. I'm sure it will make his ride that much better!