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Monday, June 13, 2011

Nothing like fun with the cousins!

Last weekend I was able to take my little buddy up to my mom's house. All the cousins were there. (Yes, all 6 kids together... I was popping Advil like crazy!)  I went up to help my mom watch my sister's kids while she recovers from bringing her newest little one into the world. My mom is living in South Carolina until November, so she doesn't have internet or cable hooked up right now. We were wondering how the kids would entertain themselves if they couldn't play computer games or watch tv.

Guess what? They found a way:

My brother and his wife came over with their two girls and he built all the kids a tree house in the vacant lot behind my mom's house! They made a flag out of an old pillow case and I drew the skull and swords.

We had a big parade to post the flag:

And the kids spent the entire next two days playing in that tree house! I thank my brother and his wife for being our salvation!

Now what to do the rest of the summer?!