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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ramblings about my little kiddo

Sometimes I wonder how I got put in charge of raising a boy such as mine. I look at him and see him grow each day. (Sometimes I think I should do something to stunt his growth so he can stay as little as possible for as long as possible!   I'm kidding, of course!)  I am impressed with the person he is.

When we have family scripture study, he doesn't say "Awe... Mom! I don't want to!" In fact, I don't think I have ever heard him say that during scripture study ... EVER! (I can't even count on two hands and feet the number of times I said that as a child to my own mom, though!)  And I love hearing him read from the scriptures. I am convinced that regular scripture reading by children increases their overall reading abilities immeasurably.  He sounds out the difficult words and nearly always gets them right.

I am impressed with the good choices he makes, too. If there is a show on television that doesn't look good, he will turn it off. Or if his friends want to watch something he knows isn't good he will tell them no, and that it isn't good for them! He is always mindful of those around him. He is so tender with his little cousins, too. Always making sure they are ok. If someone gets hurt he is there immediately trying to make them laugh. I just love that about him!

My son makes me want to be a better person. When I'm having a crabby "mom" day, he tenderly puts his arm around me and asks how he can make me happy. He always brings me flowers. I love that! He helps me make my bed. He does his chores without complaining (most of the time).

I want to be the best mom I can to him. I want to make sure I play with him as much as possible, and enjoy this time I have with him. Only 9 years until he goes on his mission. And those teenage years are fastly approaching where he will rather be with his friends than his mommy. But maybe if I stock the refridgerator with Sunny D and make homemade cookies, just maybe my house will be the cool house and I can at least listen to him play with his friends. 

He is coming to the end of his 4th grade year. We are making some big decisions about his future right now. I am nervous for change, but at the same time I see good things are possible.  He is a good kid. He will adapt quickly to whatever change comes his way. I just have one shot at this- helping one child turn out right. I hope I don't mess up!

I guess I'll just keep trying my best. He is a great motivation for that. And he loves my homemade cookies, so I'd better get baking!