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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boring post about fantastic laundry soap. Confused?

Ok. Happy housewife moment, here. I am shamelessly plugging my new favorite product: S20 All-In-One laundry sheets (found here)

I was watching HSN one night. I guess I was at a vulnerable moment, or feeling the need to be clean, or something. Anyway, they were pitching these laundry sheets. They are actually used in place of laundry soap.

Well, I bought some. Heck, I thought I'd try it and see if it really does what they say it does. It is supposed to be really good at getting grease out, even set in grease. Also, it is apparenty a very good fabric softener, color protector, and non-irritating.

I just got my first load out of the dryer. I had one shirt that has had two huge grease spots on the front for months now. No, I don't wear it in public...very often. My usual way to get set in grease stains out is by spraying the stain with WD40, rubbing it in but being careful to not get ANY of it on any other part of the shirt. Then rubbing in dish detergent with grease fighter, and letting it sit. Most often this works, but not always. It didn't work on this shirt.

In comes the new stuff. I grabbed a laundry sheet, rubbed it right on the dry shirt with the grease stains, then tossed it in the wash. Did I think it would work, absolutely not. Did it work? Absolutely!!! Not only did it work, but my clothes are softer then they've ever been, and they smell good, too.

So there you have it, my shameless advertisement. I will state it claims to get out grease stains, but doesn't say anything about other stains. I assume you have to treat those like any other stains you treat. However, I seem to get more grease stains than anything, and this worked great. And I love how soft my clothes are!

One container has 110 sheets. You use about 2 sheets per large load. I usually cram every stitch of clothing into one load I possibly can, and 2 seemed to work great. You can choose autoship and choose how often it is shipped, as well. (I chose every two months- there's only 3 of us here.)

Well, that's all I got to say about that. Take it or leave it.