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Saturday, January 7, 2012

My list of what I haven't done this whole year

What I haven't done yet this year:

-taken down the Christmas trees and decorations
-made any new year resolutions to better myself
-gotten rid of all the nasty junk food laying around since Christmas
-gotten on the treadmill (since 2 days before Christmas. eek!)
-felt guilty about any of the above! (for the most part...sort of...)

I have decided I am not in a race, so why feel rushed? Let's face it, the junk food will either go away because it went to my hips, or go away because I eventually decided to toss it. My trees will eventually come down. I will eventually do something to better myself whether I make a goal to do so on paper or just keep it floating around in my head. And I will eventually get back on the treadmill because my guilt won't let me sit and do nothing for a whole year. See? There's hope already!