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Monday, January 23, 2012

My uber brilliant billion dollar idea!

My husband is always looking for ways for me to make us our millions so he can quit working. Well, I should say, he encourages me to look for ways to make millions- he doesn't do much "looking" himself.

Well, the search is over. I have found the answer.

Ever since movies have been made with sound, it seems there have always been movies made about teenagers desire to dance and how misunderstood they are, right? I mean, you have "Flash Dance" (which I've never seen, but my husband has- several times, though he would never admit it in public. Sorry, hun. In his defense, it was when he was very young at a slumber party with a friend and he wasn't allowed to watch it at home so it was kind of a kid-rebels-against-parents-by-watching-a-teen-rebel-against-society kind of party. You get it.) Then there's "Footloose" which I watched over and over about 7 times in one crazy night at my own slumber party with a bunch of screaming girls and their mom who was absolutely in love with Kevin Bacon, which was kind of Creepy since her husband was just in the other room shushing us to be quiet. Then there's "Dirty Dancing" which will forever be one of my favorites because it was filmed at my most favorite place on earth- Lake Lure, in North Carolina. I won't name all the others- there are way too many, and I think I've made my point: Kids want to dance, and adults just don't understand.

However, there is a HUGE missing piece in this teen-angst, forbidden dancer drama genre. What about those poor kids who desperately wanted to dance the new and scandelous waltz when it first appeared? Thus enters my brilliant idea. Are you ready for it?

Picture this: satin-toed feet rushing through the dewy wet grass behind a large and sprawling estate. Giggling and hushed laughing. Anxious suitors await in a secret hideaway for the ladies to arrive. A violin begins. The partners bow. The forbidden waltzing begins!

Isnt your heart just pounding with the anticipation of it all? Will they be found out? Will the girls' reputations be ruined forever? Will their fathers demand pistols at dawn to any young suitor caught waltzing with their prized daughter?

My husband looked at me like I had worms crawling out of my nose when I told him my idea. Apparently pistols at dawn isn't enough of a draw for the male population's attention. Or maybe it was the satin-toed shoes that turned him off.

Well, I think it is a gripping idea, and I am going to call Robert Redford and pitch it to him right now. I'll even let him play one of the angry grandfathers, if he so wishes.

Let the waltzing begin!


Andrea said...

I would watch it. Or you could write the book. I'd read that too.