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Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm a brilliant and perfect mother!

Ok, I just had to say that for my own benefit. (We all know it's not true!)
However, I have found a solution to my daily drama I'd like to share.
(Ok, one of my daily dramas- I can do nothing about the tantrums I throw when I have to fold laundry or wash a dirty pan. And the drama with trying to get my hair to do anything remotely resembling something other than 80's ratty poof will never end, I fear.)

I am referring to the daily drama such as this:

"Moooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... I want to play a video game before my homework today, is that ok? I PROMISE I will work really extra hard after I play and get all my work done really fast."

"That's what you said yesterday, and I had to prod you 15 times to focus on your math."

"Mom, that is SO not true! I did my math. And I especially promise I will work really hard today and not lose focus if you just let me play...."

blah blah blah... you get the idea.

People... this scene is NO LONGER an issue!

I found this fantastic web site HERE, and it has this point system online. (Along with printable charts for getting chores done, homework, goals, etc. Just click on Points System at the top of the page.) You set up a list of rules and assign points to each. Your kid then goes online and enters what they have completed and submits his points for approval. You then go online and see what they have done, and approve the points or deny- (I have had to deny a few when I had to prod several times to get something done, but talk about a great motivator! They HATE to see their points being denied!) and then they get to "purchase" their reward.

I set up rewards like:
1/2 hr. video game= 10 pts
Netflix Movie= 8 pts
1 piece of candy from pantry= 3 pts

I also set up bonus points such as:
1/2 hr. creative play (playdoh, dominos building, crafts, etc)=5 pts
Bonus Initiative (taking the initiative to do a chore not asked to do)= 5pts
1/2 hr. exercise= 5 pts

and I've set it up so he has to do all of his homework, AND at least one bonus thing to get enough points for an hour of video games. (heh heh heh) and he is usually so busy doing his crafts or "creative playing" outside, or roller blading for exercise he rarely has an hour left to play video games! (That's where my cleverness comes in.)

Now, he is able to get all his piano practice in every day (which wasn't happening before), exercise, homework, reading, and creativity in, and he feels like he is getting "paid" for it all!

Now, you tell me: Am I not a genious parent, or what???!!!!! Thank you. Thank you! No, really, thank you!