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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rest in Peace, little "Rupert"

My little blue parakeet, Rupert, died this morning. I wrote his obituary posted below. My husband came home from work at lunch and we held a funeral for him. My husband played a beautiful prelude song by Alexander Gretchaninof called "Nunc Dimittis". My son read the obituary and we all reminisced about our happy times with "Rupert". I played "Going Home" at the end and we took him out under the pine tree for his final resting place. (I am glad my dog is not a digger!)

I have had that bird for 13 years (minus several months when he lived with my sister while we moved and got re-adjusted). I will really miss him.

Goodbye, Rupert.


At 11:42 am on Thursday February 16, 2012, our sweet "Rupert" bird left his little red cage to fly with the birds in Heaven. He was a good bird, and lived a full and long life- over 13 years. He liked to talk to himself, immitate the telephone, and sounded like R2D2. He couldn't fly straight. He loved chocolate cake and sitting on your head while watching television. He is preceeded in death by Argh Matey (bulimic, and had only one eye), Chirpie (killed by cat 30 minutes after we brought him home), Chirpie 2 (crooked beak), Paul (didn't chirp the first year of his life), Sherbert the Bird (had a song written after him) and those two finches I can't remember their names but sounded like a squeeky bed.
He leaves behind our loving family, and his ex-wife, "Lollie", who will miss yelling at him.

A short memorial service will be held in the Taylor back yard today at 12:30 pm.

Fly straight and true, little "Rupert". Fly straight, and true!


Lauren said...

I wish I could have been there for the funeral. I'm sure Rupert loved it.