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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Brag session...

Yesterday was...well...surreal!

I got home from taking the kids to school to find a pathway of little paper hearts with little love sentiments written on them, leading into the kitchen where there sat a box of nuts and cream chocolates and a big heart with a love note! I was shocked! Soooo unlike my husband to plan ahead for a holiday he despises with his whole heart and soul. (In fact, I wondered if, indeed, there really are "body snatchers" that can take over a person's body!)

Then, I found out he counseled all his friends at work to go get their wives a box of chocolates at the Fernwoods down the street. His one friend said he had already taken his wife out a few days ago and figured he was done. My hubby told him to think like a woman, so he bought her a box of chocolates. Sure enough, when he got home his wife had a valentine gift for him and he was soooo lucky he had one for her! He told my hubby he "saved his bacon"! (Now I KNOW he has been replaced by an imposter, but I"ll keep him!)

So, my day was pretty much great from the get-go. I spent the whole day getting ready for the candlelight dinner I make for my hubby and son every year. On the menu this year was:

shrimp coctails in wine glasses
crusty bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dipping sauce
mixed green salad with prosciutto and gorgonzola cheese
4 cheese ravioli in an asiago cream sauce
pan-seared garlic and herb sea scallops
Shirley Temple drinks
Coconut cream cake with lime curd filling

We indulged ourselves in the delicious food all evening, and listened to beautiful french music. We danced in the tiny kitchen and it was a little slice of heaven. (except for the fact that I had been so busy and hurried I forgot to shower and make myself look pretty...or even presentable...or even smell decent. Well, better not set the bar too high, I'm only getting older and, well... let's just say Botox is not going to be a part of my regular regimen and maybe the hubby better get used to this imperfection that is me. Ok, a shower isn't asking too much, but I just didn't get to it, ok? I can't always be perfect!)

Sooo lucky to have those two perfectly wonderful men in my life! They are worth every grey hair I have!!!!