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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Invisible Woman!

This morning I got out of bed earlier than I usually do, the sun was shining, the birds were too frozen to chirp, but would have if they could have, I was a little more awake than usual... probably because I woke up 2 hours earlier and couldn't get back to sleep.This sounds like I may have been in a good mood, but that would be wrong. I was teetering on losing it entirely!

Anyway, I jumped out of bed and (faking) happily went into Eason's room to wake him up. I used to sit on his bed and tickle his face and sing a really annoying "Good Morning" song. He'd get really mad, but it would get him up. Now his bed is over 5 feet off the ground, and I'd have to climb aaaaaall the way up there, so I just stand below and happily say "Time to get uuuuppp...... Eeeeaaasssooonnn........ time to get uuuuuupppp!" If he doesn't get up I will start singing the annoying "Good Morning" song he hates, and push up on his mattress. Thus, establishing the fact that every child MUST hate when his mom comes to wake him up in the morning!

Well, this morning, he didn't get up. No matter what I did. I thought I'd give him a few minutes, so I crept back into my room to wake up my hubby. I put my hand on his back, I gently stroked his arm..... "Sweeeeetttttiiieeeeeeee".... nothing. "ooohhh,
Sweeeettttteeeeeeeee........" still nothing. I called out to Eason again, and still no movement or reply. Once again, I gently whispered to hubby to get up.... yet again, nothing.

Dejected, I tromped over to my side of the bed,"Fine, I'll be invisible!" I said, and climbed in the covers pulling my pillow onto my head. Why should I always have to be the one to get everyone else up in the morning???? Let someone else do it for a change and see how they like it!!!! If Eason never gets up.... fine with me! I am only half of the parent unit here..... I will only get him up HALF of the time!

Well, my pouting worked. My hubby got up a few minutes later and got the kid up. I stayed in bed. I'm glad. There was nothing much to get up for today, anyway. So there!