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Friday, April 4, 2008

The Old News Guys Who've Been Around The Block.... and Back!

This post is for my beloved sister.... William. ( I didn't put her given name here for family harmony, but this is the real nickname I gave her when I was trying to convince her she was a boy several years back.) I dedicate this post to my one and only sister because part of who she is now is due to the influences of my topic in this post. I'm sure you have heard, and if you haven't, I am happy to announce the come-back of the beloved and oh-so-heart-throb inducing


What? You wonder what on EARTH I am talking about???? You are probably too young then. But those of you who's heart just skipped a beat.... and you know who you are.... will probably feel the world is headed in the right direction once more. I cannot claim a particular admiration for the group, myself. However, my sister and I bonded over several viewings of their rockumentary: "Step By Step".

My sister would sit and drool over the screen. Her pulse would quicken whenever her crush-for-the-moment would appear on screen. Her crushes changed daily. I do, however, have to own up that I, too suffered from this problem, not with the NKOTB, though... my old journals are filled with ever-changing crushes, some had multiple crushes per entry.

I also must admit that I did, at some point in their career, happen to think that maybe Jordan Knight was a little cute.... maybe.....
My sister could really do a lot of their dance moves, something I tried once and will never recover from. We really bonded over these viewings and discussions. I learned a lot about my sister during this time. For one thing, she most definitely wasn't a boy!

So, when I read that the NKOTB were coming back, I had to smile and think of my little sister. The article I read said: "Once the man band was unveiled- with a drumroll and from behind a red velvet curtain set up outdoors- Wahlberg waisted no time in getting down to the business of the announcement." it brought a funny image to mind, though. I could see them set up on somebody's front porch in some rural neighborhood- very much like the one I live in now. I could see them draping an old red sheet above the front steps and having someone- probably Jordan Knight- play a drumroll on their portable synthesizer, and using the mic off of their little karaoke machine. A few old ladies would be peering out their windows, and their one fan... a woman in her early 30's, would be screaming and pulling at her hair while her children stand horrified at the scene their mother is displaying for these nobody's! It actually reminded me of a show on tv about a 2 man band who is trying to make it big, and failing miserably. They have one fan who follows them everywhere and goes crazy over them.

So, William, I say to you, congratulations! You can get a piece of your youth back! It's a rare gift.... treasure it! I think young mothers everywhere will be rejoicing at this news. I think they'll have to change their name, though. It just doesn't work now. They're not new, and they're certainly not kids anymore. Ok, the youngest one may have reached puberty by now. Maybe they can be the "Thirty something has-beens trying to reconnect with long-lost fame and fortune, trying to fit into tiny leather pants, guys on the block". Let's see, that would be TSHBTRWLFFTFITLPGOTB....
hmmmm........ maybe not that.


Loralee Choate said...

I'm still trying to get over the fact that you called her "William".


Heidi said...

Why do you think I named Son #2 Jordan???

;) ;) ;)


Andrea said...

I don't reget that those hairstyles are a thing of the past. I never got into NKOTB, but my friends were out of control. Then around 9th I had to wonder if I was a lesbian, because I just wasn't as into boys in general as my friends were and I played a lot of basketball. It really just brings back memories of my friends birthday parties. To everyone else, enjoy the comeback because I've over-shared again.

Anonymous said...

I went to the NKOTB concert in the 5th grade! My friends Mom brought us and sat with cotton balls in her ears while we screamed at the top of our lungs the entire time! I even got the flouresent concert shirt to wear everyday until it was so dirty nobody wanted to be around me! I was in love with them all!
"Oh oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, You got the right stuff, the way you turn me on..." He, he, okay, I need to calm down.

Lauren said...

I just wish I knew where all of my posters and T-shirts are! And everyone said they were finished! Hah! NKOTB FOREVER!!!!! Honestly, I am just disappointed that Mark Wahlberg isn't going to be part of the group.