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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Confusing my son... one song at a time!

As parents, we are all destined to have children in therapy at one time or another. It is just part of life. You know- come to Earth, get a body, experience trials and learn and grow from them, go to therapy for all the things your parents did to you- die, live forever in the hereafter with the parents who caused you to go to therapy in the first place (just kidding, mom... mom?)

One way I am sure my child is going to be messed up for life is musically. To quote from a favorite movie of mine, "A Mighty Wind": "There was abuse in our home growing up... mostly of a musical nature".

I grew up listening to a variety of musical genres: classical, rock, folk and blue grass- a real mixture. I thought this made me a very well rounded person. I could appreciate the Beatles just as much as Chopin, or flip over and listen to Flatt and Scruggs or The Police.

When I got married, however, I realized I married a musical snob.(sorry, sweetie, but you admit it yourself!) He ONLY listens to classical, mainly choral music. I love choral music, don't get me wrong, but not ALL the time. Ok, in sweet hubby's defense, he will listen to the occasional "heathen" music, as he calls it- groups such as Cold Play- (one of my personal favorites), and Annie Lennox.

It was only recently while watching Mama Mia,(which I forced him to come see with me since he was racking up quite a large chick flick-to-action movie/sci-fi imbalance. Meaning, I had seen a lot more of HIS movies than he had of mine.) that I discovered his hidden passion for ABBA. Yes, the ever-popular 70's group ABBA. I'm surprised he didn't get up in the middle of the theater and dance around, he was bouncing his legs so much!

We went to the used music store afterword and bought a copy of ABBA's greatest hits.

How does this tie in to warping my son? Dear hubby tries to have him listen to the classical greats- which is great. My little buddy really likes Mozart and Chopin, and most other great composers. He goes to bed listening to classical music. He also gets quite a mix of "heathen" music from his mom- when dad's not home! hee hee

However, now he is utterly confussed. I put on ABBA one day on a long drive, and he made me play "Super Trooper" over and over and over again for the next hour and a half! He sings "sup-pa-pa troo-pa-pa--- light are gonna find me..." all day long! He knows his dad bought the cd, and I know he just can't put two and two together in a way that makes sense. Is ABBA a classical group? Is Mozart Pop rock?? What is going on here????? This is daddy approved????

So, thus begins the counseling. I am looking into a pre-payment plan at the local psychiatric ward- maybe they'll give me a discount if I pay 10 years in advance.

Actually, if he keeps singing that song, I may need to check myself in. Two for one deal, anyone????


Heidi said...


By the way, I *heart* ABBA to pieces! Secret confessions of Heidi!!! That's about all I have on my i-pod! LOL