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Monday, August 11, 2008

Go USA!!!!!

I am not, I repeat NOT a sports fan. I married someone who is not a sports fan. We don't rush home from church and watch football, we don't talk about the Utah Jazz over dinner, it just isn't done.

However- when the olympics are on, it is an entirely different story!!!! I absolutely ADORE the olympics! I love the opening ceremonies with all the countries coming together in friendship and usually friendly competition. I love hearing of the stories of the athletes who have overcome amazing odds to be there. I love the exhilleration when they win despite the odds. I cry at every opening ceremony and every medal won, and every closing ceremony! I LOVE IT!!!!

My favorite sport, however, has got to be the swimming. I love the gymnastics, but swimming is so exciting. I can't sit still while watching! So, if any of you saw last night's men's swimming relay, it was possibly the most exciting relay in history!!! I was jumping up and down on my bed, it was so intense! I cried when the U.S. came up and surprised everyone with a win! Those arrogant French didn't know what had hit them! (not saying all French are arrogant! Just the french swimming team.)

So, if you missed it, here is the clip from MSN. Watch it- it is inspiring and well worth it!!!!!!! (click on link below picture)

GO USA!!!!!


Jen said...

Yeah, the relay was pretty much AMAZING! So cool to watch and the US team was very gracious in their win despite the trash talk! Love it!

heather said...

We watched the synchronized diving tonight and our kids thought the Chinese women were boys...yikes. But talk about incredible. Last night was gymnastics. So inspiring!