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Monday, August 4, 2008

I LOVED IT!!!! What are YOU talking about?

I spent the entire weekend laying on a giant beanbag reading "Breaking Dawn". My pulse was racing, I was oblivious to anything going around me. I did manage to hold off reading it Sunday morning until after I got back from church, but it was hard.

I was so afraid the book would dissappoint me. I was afraid the ending would be sad. I almost didn't read the ending first, but caved in halfway through the book. It helped to know the ending so my pulse could calm down.

Verdict: I adored it!!!!! It ended exactly the way I had hoped it would! I predicted everything that would happen, and it did! I am so thrilled.

I thought it was different than the others, it's true. At first I wasn't sure I liked her change of format, taking Jacob's perspective midway though, but I soon saw how much more interesting it made the story, rather than sticking with Bella's perspective- especially through that difficult time.

I enjoyed the fact that the wedding was early on, I let a huge sigh of relief- and I thought it was cool she and Edward had a baby. I thought that would happen. Many of you hated this part. I thought it added excitement! I wasn't sure she would live! I loved that she finally felt like she belonged- like this was what she was meant for all along. I knew Jacob would imprint- and I suspected it would be on Bella's baby. Although I didn't get the whole imprinting thing, I did think it was cool.

I HATED the baby's name. Stupid.

All in all, I couldn't put the book down. I am re-reading it starting today.

So, the question running through my mind, and I am sure Stephenie Meyer's as well is:

Why the heck didn't you like it????
You people are all wackos!!!! (But, so am I, so join the party!)


Andrea said...

I'm re-reading the better parts. Like after she turned into a vampire. I'm still feeling luke-warm. I still want to love it. So I'm really glad you did.

Jess said...

I'm jealous that you like it. To me she just tried to do too much. It read like a rough draft. Good concepts but they needed to be refined and tuned and mostly just thinned out!! And she could have kicked the excitement up about 10 notches. There was so much stuff that was boring boring boring that had no point. Like Leah and J Jenks. Could have done without it!

Whit said...

Ahh! I have it and haven't read it yet. I should never have pulled up your page! LOL! I will let you know what I think when I am done.

Erin Taylor said...

Maybe I am just a boring person and it doesn't take much to get me excited, but I couldn't put this book down. I was riveted the entire time! Funny how people have different perspectives.

Shantell said...

I really liked it too. After reading some blogs I started to think that I was the only one so I am glad that you liked it. I agree with you though, the baby's name is stupid.