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Friday, August 8, 2008


I have a belief that those who are clumsy in body are clumsy in mind as well. That is the situation with me, anyway.

I cannot play games of logic or strategy to save my life. So, why is it that I have been sucked into a neverending game of "Risk" with my strategically minded hubby and my "can't separate reality from fantasy" minded 7 year old?

We began playing this game a few nights ago. It started out innocently. I begin any and all board games knowing I am going to lose. It's not a negative way of thinking, it is accepting reality and truth for what it is, and going with the flow. I find I enjoy myself much more if I don't have hopes of wining which can never be attained. Then, if by some totally unimaginable feat I end up wining, it is that much more wonderful!

My hubby, on the other hand, actually believes he has achieved total world domination (or in this case total Middle Earth domination, it's Lord of the Rings Risk), and wastes no time exulting in his triumphs, which are great and devastating. I can't help but feel completely defeated and decimated as his green men march across the board and wipe out all my little black guys in an enormous display of unmerciful destruction.

My son thinks all the cave trolls should be friends with each other, and hates when someone attacks him. "I thought we were friends!" I have to hand it to him, though, when it comes time for him to attack, he does it with fervor and enthusiasm. He has no problem wiping out all MY armies, as long as they all remain friends afterword.

So, we spend hours at a time bonding and destroying- laughing and grieving (well, I do, anyway. I seem to be the only one really losing here!) But it is family time, and that's what's important, right?


Loralee Choate said...


Risk is ONE game I never, ever play because I grew up playing it with my family and I get very, very ugly when playing it.

My roommates in college kept pestering me and pestering me until I gave in a played.

They never asked twice.

World domination is a sickness, I tell you.


georgie said...

Oh I so giggled at/with this post i NEVER play risk either...for good reason I stick with yahtzee or 42(a dominoe game-kinda like spades) BUT I so was LOL at your hubby and the taking over of middle earth thats sooo funny and sounds so like my mr gp!