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Monday, October 6, 2008

Conference Sunday

I LOVE General Conference weekend! I love cleaning my house while being spiritually edified at the same time. I love making a yummy gourmet breakfast for my family while leisurely taking the morning easy. (Incidentally, yesterday's breakfast was Crab stuffed omelets with Hollandaise sauce, and homemade caramel apple sweet rolls)

Saturday, I sewed a new cover for my couch, and my sweet hubby helped pull the thick fabric through the sewing machine so I didn't lose my mind and get frustrated and give up. (Thanks, Sweetie!)

Yesterday, we listened to the whole second half of conference in bed- all of us together, snuggled up in our giant bed, even the dog! Unfortunately, this is a picture of my hubby and son "listening" to conference:

Neither of them admits to having fallen asleep, but neither knew I had taken the picture, either! My son later said, "Mom... when I watch it in bed, my body thinks it's time for bed!" So I guess we'll watch it sitting on the couch next time. Hey, at least he was watching, right????


Jen said...

Sadly, that is what my body thinks when I watch conference in bed too!