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Friday, October 24, 2008

Phone call from security company...

This is the call I received at Walmart the other day at about 1:20- 1 1/2 hours before my son's school gets out:


"Uh... ya, Ma'am... " a heavily southern accented woman comes on, "This is Pinnacle Security, we received a call that your alarm just went off. Someone there named *bleep* answered. Thank you." click (my son's name isn't *bleep*, by the way, but it was added to protect his identity!)

What? I was stunned! Why would my son be home from school at this time? Something must be horribly wrong! I ran through my head why he could be home. We had parent teacher conferences this week, but they ALWAYS send something home saying school will be out early, and they ALWAYS put it on the calandar, which I have hanging on my wall and check EVERY STINKIN DAY!!!! Ok, breathe.

I call my husband who works only 3 minutes from home.

"Sweetie- I need you to borrow someone's car and run home. I just got a call from the security company that *Bleep* is home!"

"What the *bleep* is *Bleep* doing home?!"

"I don't know! That's why I need you to go check on him!"

"Well... aren't YOU home? You're ALWAYS home!"

"No... I'm NOT ALWAYS HOME!!!!" (me, beginning to LOSE IT!) "I'm buying antifreeze for the car, now GET HOME!!!!"

Come to find out, school really was let out early for Parent Teacher conferences. Hmmmmm.... that would have been a good thing to put on the calender, don't you think?

The ladies at the office were sure everyone already knew school was let out early, because it is every year. Ya? Well, some of us need to HAVE IT IN WRITING!!!!!!


Ok. Well, it prompted us to teach him what to do if mommy and daddy aren't home when you get home from school. He now knows where to find the secret key, how to unlock the door, how to deactivate the alarm, and who to call if he's in trouble. Whew!

I can't help feeling guilty that I wasn't home when he got here. I keep checking the school calendar, but it is the same every time- no early day! So, It's not my fault, right?

At least we know our security system works. Oh, and that it takes approximately 20 minutes from the time the cops are called to the time they actually show up. Oh, and
it takes me only 7 minutes (approx.) to move our television. Nice to know!


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Wow, I can't believe the teachers didn't tell you he was getting off early! Glad he is okay.

Jess said...

What a scary experience! I have tell you that *bleep* is my favorite kid in my primary class. I'm his teacher now...just so you know. :)