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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lessons from this weekend...

I learned:

1) If I try to plan my anniversary, it gets me upset. I gave up planning it, and we had a great weekend! Next year, I won't plan it again. Oh, and I didn't expect a gift either, (though I have expected/ hoped for one in the past), and my husband ended up buying me one on our date- so, there you go! No expectations = Great Anniversary!

2) Sometimes the things you say over and over and over and over to your child actually get heard. I sent my kid to my sister-in-law's this weekend and she told me one morning she was telling the kids to get stuff cleaned up and my very own fruit of my womb said: "Ya, kids, let's get this stuff cleaned up. Work before play!" I heard angels sing when she told me this! ( I also cringed a little at hearing the very words from my mouth repeated like that. Boy, I really sound like a mom! Freaky!)

3) If you eat at a Brazillian grill (ie: Tucano's), don't plan on being able to walk normally for at least 30 minutes after your meal, and refrain from smelling any meat for another 24 hours. And whatever you do, DO NOT eat that last bite, even though you really want it, your body knows when to stop. DON'T DO IT!!!!!

4) Don't watch a really funny movie with Ricky Gervais after eating at a Brazillian grill. Especially one with a scene where he is gagging! Not a good idea!

5) Don't watch "Emma Smith" and "Saving Sarah Cain" back to back, while alone at your mother's house. Your eyes will swell shut.

6) Don't let your 7 year old son sleep in the same bed with you when you are hoping for a good night's sleep. No matter how much he begs- don't do it! He'll end up laying his head on your feet, putting his feet in your face, yelling in his sleep, climbing up to lay on your back, and making your life miserable! He thinks it's funny, too.

7) Don't expect your husband to know NOT to remove the tray from the new wax- melting candle warmer and tip it sideways spilling the contents all over your collection of "Twilight" books. True, my 7 year old knew not to do it, but husbands require special instructions.

Those are the lessons I learned this weekend!


Jen said...

Sounds about like our gift expectations, very little planning and dinner at Tucanos (that's the one at the Gateway, right?). Great minds think alike! :) Thanks for filling in for me on Wed!