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Thursday, October 23, 2008

So I'm a little OCD....

Some people get really crazy at Halloween. I mean, decorate their houses, yards, blogs, selves with halloween decorations. We all know that lady who paints her fingernails black and puts a streak of green in her hair- the entire month of October, and she's 65 years old! Or the family down the street who have 10 different inflatable yard decorations of Frankenstein, pumpkins, ghosts, etc. Well, I'm not one of those people. Not that they don't have their place in society, and not that I don't appreciate their efforts on this holiday- I do! I love halloween! But I don't go all out decorating for it.

I do have one fatal flaw, though:

I am a total costume perfectionist. I admit it. I can't bring myself to purchase a costume, it must be homemade. I wasn't always this way, though. As a children, my brother, sister, and I would come up with a costume idea the night before Halloween, and then change costumes after school and trick-or-treat as something completely different. I remember my store-bought princess Leigh costume- my face got all sweaty. But, most of the costumes were impromptu and still turned out great.

My problem now is, I can't bring myself to do the same for my kid. I can't bring myself to let him throw a costume together at the last minute, or get one at the dollar store. I have to make it, and it has to be 100% authentic, or professionally done, or whatever. I know, I'm nuts- it is true!

Last year he wanted to be an alien, so this is what I came up with: Green patent leather, silver lame, 3 fingered gloves, boots, and glow in the dark paint. It took me 3 days to complete, but he looked awesome!

This year, I don't know what I was thinking agreeing to let him be Jack Sparrow. I can't let myself cut corners, so it's gonna take me days! I mean, full length jacket, vest, shirt, pants, boots, sash... it's crazy!

It's like I am out of my body watching myself do this crazy thing, and I'm powerless to stop it! The ladies at the fabric store were looking at me like I'm a crazy freak for going to all this trouble to make a costume, and I agreed with them! "You're making the coat and everything?" But, I have one child, and it is really fun making these things, so I guess I'll keep doing it.

I guess maybe I should sell them on ebay or Craig's list when he can't wear them anymore. That would at least make my husband happier!


BugHunter said...

Andrea made pirate costumes for the whole family. I have the full length coat as well. Finding fabric was royal pain in the butt. And the buttons for the coat, how rediculous that endevor was.

I have this thing for pirates the last few years.

Loralee Choate said...

That alien costume is THE BOMB. I would totally be the same way if 1:I had a sewing machine and 2: If I could sew.

Christopher is a warewolf. He got inspired by Jonathan being "The big bad wolf". I just got my costume in the mail and right now I am panicked trying to think of a way to not appear on halloween night as "Little Red Riding HO". (It's WAY skimpier than it looked like in the photos. GULP.

Jen said...

Way to be! I can't wait to see Captn' Jack - I am sure it will be utterly amazing! In my brain I come up with crazy notions about making costumes for the kiddos, but in my real crazy life, it just doesn't happen - plus Morgan wanted to be a farmer. Yes, that's right a farmer! To my credit I am making Chloe's piggy ears, tutu with tail and nose so she can be the pig on Old McDonald's farm!