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Thursday, April 30, 2009

kitchen woes

I got online last night to a site that helps you redecorate your room. ( It's pretty cool, actually. You put in the size of the room and you can add cabinets and large appliances, or furniture, and change it around to see what fits best.

However, a project that should have been fun and exciting actually bummed me out. We are about to re-do our kitchen. My kitchen is the strangest shape ever, and nothing makes sense. No matter how I arrange things, it just makes me CRAZY!!!!

I know I should be excited about getting a dishwasher and a little more counter space- (emphasis being on the word "little"), but it is just soooo frustrating to me to have such a stupid, non-functional work space that I have to spend several hours in every day!

The way the kitchen is laid out, it really isn't an "eat in" kitchen. However, there is no other dining room in the house, so we've put a table in the living room where we eat. It works.... sort of. No matter how I try to make it work, I just can't seem to arrange the kitchen in such a way as to make it a true "eat in" kitchen. I've settled for putting bar stools at one of the counters and maybe 3 people could fit at it.... maybe.

But... at least I'll have a dishwashwer, and a few more cabinets. It won't be ideal... by any sense of the word... but it will be better. I should just focus on that, right? I don't want to be ungrateful!

Anyone know an HONEST contractor?????

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Treasures in the Library- an article

My cousin wrote this article for her local newspaper. She is a librarian in Idaho. I thought it was really touching. Read on:

Treasures in the Library
By Kathryn Poulter, Youth Services Supervisor, Marshall Public Library

I have been haunted most of my life by the memory of a book I read once
when I was very young. It was most likely a library book, because it
certainly wasn’t part of my life for very long, but in spite of its
short stay, it made a lasting impression on me. Of course I can’t
remember the title or anything concrete about it. If I could recall even
a word of the title I’m sure I would have tracked it down long ago. No,
the impression I have of the book is much more vague. All I can recall
is an image of lovebirds in a cage, of a pavilion in a garden with
fountains and marble steps, and haunting, bittersweet strains of music I
can’t quite hear. There also seems to have been something about olden
times and rustling silk and patient love waiting in hope, even if that
hope is in vain. The image of the birds is the most vivid of this watery
memory. That, and the feeling of old times gone. Over the years I have
tried again and again to recall more than this, but if I try too hard,
the memory slips away and I don’t know if I am inventing details or if I
am really remembering a snatch of phrase or fragment of a passage. Even
as I think about it I seem to recall something about a window. I’ll
leave it at that.
Losing that book has colored my life somehow. In part it may have been
the wispy memory of those lovebirds in a cage that led me to become a
librarian in the first place. Or maybe not. Whatever the reason, I seem
to be always on the lookout for a treasure of one kind or another. Maybe
it’s not really that particular book I’m seeking anymore but something
less substantial, the purpose of my life, maybe. I do know that I always
have the hope that a new book, a new person in my life, a new bend in
the road may hold a clue or a key I can use to finally comprehend life’s
elusive meaning.
And then last week I found it. I really did! Just when I arrived at a
spot where I felt maybe I didn’t need to ask the unanswerable question
about the purpose of life anymore, I found it. Not the answer, no, the
long-lost book! In December I was listening to the radio and heard
Daniel Pinkwater talking about an old favorite book that had been
reissued by the New York Review company. That book, The Thirteen Clocks
by James Thurber, is one I have loved for years and years. I grew up
with its clever words and beautiful fairy tale, and I’ve read it more
times than I can count—enough that the words resonate inside of me and I
know when my favorite lines are coming. So I looked up the New York
Review Children’s Collection and ordered one of almost all of the
children’s books for the Marshall Public Library. Two were books we
already had, but they were so dog-eared and well-used that I knew a
brand new book with a clean cover and crisp pages would be much more
tantalizing for children to choose. Then last week the stack of books
arrived, and as usual I leafed through each of them and set aside a few
to take home and read word by word.
I remember it was early in the morning. I had a library conference to
attend so I came extra early to make a head start on the day. I took the
first book off the pile and opened it to a page a little past the
middle. I looked, then looked again. The story I had turned to was
short, only about three pages long, but it was MY STORY, the one about
the lovebirds! As I read it, I didn’t find the marble steps or the
fountains or the striped pavilions (those might be waiting in different
stories), but as I reread the words the memories and enchantment came
flooding back. I hadn’t really forgotten after all, the story had been
in my heart all along. Only then did I look to see which book of the
many on my desk I had picked up. It was Eleanor Farjeon’s The Little
Bookroom, one of the books I had reordered because the library’s
original copy had been loved almost to pieces.
I’m still trying to figure out that experience. Was it just a
coincidence? Or was there something deeper? All I know is that I thought
the book was gone forever. But it was really not five steps from my desk
these past years. Maybe many things are like that, waiting patiently
until we stumble across them and realize they have been there all along.
Is my life different now that I found the long-lost book? Probably not.
But I hope I will have a little more faith that what I seek really does
exist. If I look carefully enough I will find it, waiting patiently to
be rediscovered. And maybe like the words of my story it will flow into
me with the familiarity of an old friend’s voice or slip into my life
like my feet into a comfortable pair of shoes. I do know I won’t stop
looking, because after all, nothing is ever really lost.

Kathryn L. Poulter
Youth Services Supervisor
Marshall Public Library
113 South Garfield
Pocatello, Idaho 83204
Voice: (208) 232-1263 , extension 28 or 40
Fax: (208) 232-9266
"Wicked people never have time for reading.
It's one of the reasons for their wickedness."
—Lemony Snicket, The Penultimate Peril, p. 226

Monday, April 27, 2009

Well Fed Missionary In The Making

My son wanted an egg salad sandwich for breakfast today, so, I taught him how to make it himself.

He was sooo proud when it was all made.

I'm so glad I've taught him yet another think he can make himself-

Now I know he and his dad won't starve if I'm suddenly translated. They will subsist on PB&J sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, and toast.

All made by my son, of course. My husband has yet to learn these valuable skills! :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

PMS Preparedness merit badge

Ok, my husband gets the PMS Preparedness Merit Badge... if there is such a thing.

He came home yesterday with a sack for me. He called it his PMS emergency kit.

It consisted of:

1 2 litter bottle of Diet Coke and
1 bag of Corn nuts

The only thing it was missing was Ben and Jerry's "Everything But The..." ice cream, but I can't expect perfection all at once. I was able to find some left over Easter chocolate, so I was set.

Thanks, Babe. You saved me.... and made life much easier for yourself- (but I have a sneaking suspicion you already knew that would be a benefit!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Addendum to below posting

My son woke up complaining of a sore mouth this morning. I looked at his gums and he had a horribly swollen part with what looked like puss. He was in a lot of pain, but we had to go to the zoo with his class, and he said he'd rather go to the zoo than the dentist.

So, we rushed over to the dentist after the zoo and found out one of his molars is decaying at the roots! The dentist said he has no idea why it is doing that, (my son is a very good brusher!) but it happens sometimes.

So, he gets to get it pulled.

The good news, remember that Prozac I was needing earlier? Well, I just came home with a big bottle of Tylenol with Codein, (for my son) so I'm set! :) just kidding!

Woman Mauled at the Zoo...

I just got back from a field trip to the zoo as chaperone to 5 kids.

Let me just say.... there's a reason why I didn't have 5 kids!

4 hours at the zoo..... 5 rambunctious 8 year olds.....

I need ibuprofin! No, make that Prozac, and a long nap! (I heard once that Utah has the highest percentage of women on Prozac.... and we have the most kids.... hmmmmm, I think I see why, now!)

Good night!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My man-child's musings on our home decor

"Mom... did you decorate this house all by yourself?"

"Yep, I sure did."

my son, looking contemplatively around the livingroom...

"Well, I really like how you have the pictures and decorations arranged. It makes the room feel very warm and inviting."

"Well... thank you, Bud!"

"Really...The colors you've chosen go together very nicely."

Sometimes I just don't know if he's 8 or 38!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A woman on the edge!

Could someone please tell my 8 year old that when mommy puts you to bed with hugs and kisses, night time drink, more hugs and kisses, turns the music on, the lights off and walks out saying "Now, do NOT yell from your bed! No matter how important you think it may be, do NOT yell from your bed. This is goodnight now, so NO MORE TALKING!" and she walks out of your room and into her's,

You DON'T YELL FROM YOUR BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My freshly colored hair needs a re-touch from the 20 or so new grey hairs that just popped out due to my complete and utter insanity caused by my beloved child.

Oh, and a note to my sweet husband: the sink full of dishes that are overflowing onto the kitchen counter is just a little friendly note to let you know I will NOT go another day without a dishwasher! I am officially on strike!

(Oh, and I'm not folding laundry anymore, either. No particular reason, I have just reached my limit!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a SWEET day!

Today, out of desperation for something to do outside of the house on this wet, rainy/snowy day, I got online looking for something to do.

I found it!!!!!

Sweet's Candy factory!

They give free tours, and a free bag of taffy after the tour! It was sooo cool! I felt just like I was in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, it smelled sooooo good! I half expected to see little Oompa Loompas waddling around singing. (I thought at least they should hire some "little" people- just for effect!)

I wanted to stick my hand in the chocolate fall and have my hand enrobed in creamy chocolatey goodness! (I'm pretty sure they would have frowned on that!)

After the tour we went into the little shop and got a killer deal on some yummy taffy and orange sticks in dark chocolate. (2 for 1 boxes of taffy, and the box of orange sticks came to just $5!!!)

So, if you want to go, just call ahead to make a reservation. (I called an hour before and they had a tour at 2:00, so we were able to just tag along with that one.)

You can go to this site to get all the information!

What a great thing to do on a cold drizzly spring-break day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

What? It's Easter? Since when is it in April????

Easter snuck up on me this year.

I usually make such a big deal about it- spending weeks looking for that perfect Easter outfit for us all, getting the right treats for the baskets- Mounds eggs for my hubby, fun colored candies for the kid, dark chocolate for me, along with something salty, a fun drink, a book or movie, a toy, and lots of filled eggs to find around the house. My hubby usually hides them---- extremely well---- and it makes Easter extra fun.

This year? Well, it came so quickly, by the time I realized it was almost here, I had no time.

So? It was a 10:30 pm dash to Smith's grocery to pick through the left-over candy, grab the last bag of plastic eggs (because I couldn't find my giant bag anywhere!), run home and fill the baskets, quickly fill the too-small eggs, hide them by myself (in VERY obvious places- you could stand in the middle of the living room and see every single one!) because my hubby was asleep. Then, I made a dessert and deviled eggs for dinner the next day, then collapsed into bed.

I didn't buy any new Easter outfits this year. My son looked the same as he always does on Sunday mornings, although I did manage to iron his clothes- something new. I pulled a dress out of the dark regions of my sewing room, one I had started over a year ago and never finished- quickly pinned it together, and wore that. Hubby was on his own, but managed to put something decent together as well.

So, Easter wasn't the fashion show it usually is around here, but I realize it was ok. We thoroughly enjoyed church, and really felt the Spirit. We enjoyed time at my Mom's with my brother and sis. in law and their darling girls, and ate way too much candy.

So, we didn't join the "Easter Parade" of cute new outfits, but it was a great Easter! And I'll probably find a steal on new clothes this coming week since the rush is over- even better!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a little blue...

I got online last night and looked at houses.

I do this sometimes, when I feel the walls of our tiny home closing in around me.

I've had house guests from Australia here this week, and they are so kind, and great to talk to...

but the walls are closing in around me...

So I got online and looked at houses.

I found one I love. I convinced my hubby to actually go and look at it with me- it's in Woods Cross.

It was so perfect! I loved almost everything about it! The closets are huge, the kitchen was gorgeous, the family room was so darling...

and my hubby doesn't think we need to move.

I don't think he'll ever think we should move.

I am trying really hard not to be bummed right now, but not doing a very good job of it. When do I get my turn to realize my dream???? I am just wondering...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bieng a Stay At Home Mom-

The other day, my son's friend asked me what I do for a job. I said I am a stay at home mom and I have lots of jobs. She then asked, "Ya... but what do you do to make money?" I explained that I don't really have a job that makes money- that my job is taking care of our home and my family. She seemed very perplexed by this- apparently it wasn't a very good answer. My son jumped in and said: "But she sells her aprons and makes some money that way." This seemed to finally satisfy her.

But it got me thinking.

When my mom wsa a child, it was very strange for your mom to work outside the home. My grandma was always there to kiss skinned knees, help with homework, comfort an upset child- my mom didn't know what it was like to have her mom go to work. True, she had 7 other siblings that took parental attention away, but she always knew her mom would be home when she needed her. Today, it is rare for a mother to NOT have a job. My mom worked and I was responsible for getting my homework done before she got home from work. (of course, I'd watch t.v. until I heard the front gate rattle, then bolt off the couch and dash into the kitchen and pretend I was laboring over my homework!) I also made the meals. My mom was a single parent, and she had to support our family. I appreciate how hard it must have been for her.

I always thought I'd be a working mom, myself. Until I actually got engaged, I always imagined I'd be a professional singer, or a psychologist. When I realized I was actually going to be a mom in real life, my priorities changed. I knew I wanted to be there for my little guy when he needed me. I didn't want to worry about getting work off to be with a sick kid, or let some day care raise my kid. I am very blessed to have a husband who earns enough for me to be able to stay home. We've certainly had to make MANY sacrifices to do this,(renting out the basement, driving old beat-up cars, not going on vacations, wearing Walmart clothes, not eating out often-) but it has been worth it!

I've never worked harder in my life then I have being a stay at home mom. Cleaning up after 3 people (and several little friends) is a lot more work than I ever imagined. I can't even begin to wonder what it is like for those with more than one child! I get bogged down in day-to-day life: laundry, dishes, mending. Then, there's being there for my son when he gets home from school. I have to put everything aside and listen to how his day was, his concerns, discerning his needs. When he's sick, I might as well forget getting anything done! Of course, it all happens again when my husband gets home. (They're really just like having another kid, right?!)

No. I don't get paid for any of it. (I started my apron business to do something for myself, but I don't have time to pour my heart and soul into it- I have too much to do around here! It's a nice creative outlet, though.) Sometimes it feels like thankless work, but then there's the hug from my son when he says, "Mom- I'm glad you don't have job. I don't know what I would do if you weren't here when I got home from school." It warms my heart, and I know I am doing something right!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

More potty talk

Yes. Another bathroom post. Since that is where I have spend every waking moment the past 3 days, that's all I have to post about.

Ok, I did get out to Home Depot about 30 times. There is a path worn from my house to H.D. and my car just goes automatically, now.

HOWEVER............................... (drumroll)............................

I have finished......(almost)!

I need my big strong man to put up the mirror- I just KNOW I would break it.

I also decided I am going to put some brushed nickel drawer pulls on, so I need to get those. And, of course, my hubby still needs to put up the trim pieces and caulk.

BUT................. overall, it is finished!!!!!!

Now, I get to start on the guest bedroom painting. Ugh.............

See you next week!