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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The hairy post

It's that time again...

No, not the time to muck out my house and clean from top to bottom....

No... not the time I re-examine my new year's resolutions... (I didn't make any, remember?!)

No... not the time I bake gourmet cheesecakes for every friend who reads my blog... (actually, there's NEVER been a time like that, but you were hoping, weren't you?)

Actually, it's a time that comes far too often for any sane person. What? You're saying I'm not sane??? Well look who's talking!

No...It is the time when I re-examine my hair color.

(Ok... I see I've lost you. I know, this happens all the time... but just hear me out, ok?)

I have had many shades of hair before:

During my childhood, I was this: (Which isn't to say this is my "natural" hair color, it's just the color that grew out of my head when I was too young to choose for myself!)

Then, there was the unfortunate event in the late 80's, early 90's when my hair was only able to be who it truly wanted to be for a short time before the demands of society cried "Tame the beast!" : (I'm the one on the top left.)

Alas, due to my inability to completely mesh into society, I began coloring my hair to compensate for its lack of tame-ability. Here I am after having colored it a sort of burgundy color. It looks ok in the sun, but up close it was... well, kind of scarey!

Here, I was blond and well...... very blond! I liked it, though. It was easy to hide the few grey hairs I was developing at my tender young age of 18-ish....

At the present, I am back to red. A light, reddish red, but red.

And... (*sigh*) I am realizing that going prematurely grey isn't something you can avoid. I know most 20 year olds don't usually have this problem...(that's right, 20... something.... ish....!) But I am faced with the reality that my young angelic features are being dimmed by the increasingly grey hairs that insist upon forcing themselves into my otherwise perfect coiffure. I must do something about it, and I must act NOW!

So.... weighing the options once again. I guess I'll have to postpone my magazine shoot for Seventeen magazine yet again, until I can solve this problem.

It's a truly humbling experience... to be sure!


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

At least you try something different. :) I have had the same boring hair for probably going in 15 years now. I need to branch out.

Andrea said...

I love your ever changing, vibrant hair color choices. Personally, I like to go purple whenever I can professionally get away with it.