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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why I am so tired...

Yes. I spent all day yesterday finishing a wedding cake for my cousin's wedding. Yes, it was hard work, but I really had fun doing it, and was so pleased with the final product.

The roses are fresh lavender roses and they looked so pretty. This is my favorite kind of rose!
The fondant is made with marshmallows if you can believe it! I will never use any other kind from now on- it was so easy to make and work with!

Bottom tier: white cake with raspberry (seedless) filling
Middle tier: chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling
Top tier: white cake with white filling

And I cleaned up both my kitchens last night even though I was dead tired so I wouldn't have to wake up and do it today! Yay me!!!!


Lauren said...

I think this is your best one yet! It is gorgeous! Well, no wait....the one you made for our wedding is your best one by far, but this is a close second!

I'm A. said...

Wow! This is amazing! You are so talented! I love those roses, too. Does marshmellow fondant taste better than other fondants? That sounds really good.

And P.S. Your comment about The Bachelorette made me laugh. I think you are the only one not living in la la land and watching this stupid show thinking it will amount to ANYTHING. So good for you. :)

Shantell said...

So amazing. I am in awe of people who can do this sort of thing. I can't even get my cake made from a box to come out of the pan. That's why I let my kids decorate their own b-day cakes. That way I don't have to face the embarassment of a really ugly cake. I just pin it on them. :)

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

That cake is beautiful! You are so talented! I love it. I bet it tasted fabulous too!

Andrea said...

That is unbelievable. I wish I had the talent and the patience.