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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Party Place

This weekend should be interesting.

I just sent my hubby off to Youth Conference.

Hours and hours and hours of endless time spent listening to talk about teenager stuff- Girls, movies, music, who's hot, who's not, constant goofing around, constant partying....

Ok, maybe he will feel like he's at home with me, come to think of it!

hee hee

That's right, 'round here it's all party, all the time, baby!

Speaking of which...

Did you ever know a Merry-Go-Round could be so exciting? Well, take a look at these pictures of me at Lagoon. People around my husband were laughing hysterically as he was taking these. I didn't realize how funny I looked until I saw the pictures myself. Boy, it sure looks like a rockin' ride!

(My poor child.)


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