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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good decision. I love it when I am such a good parent!

Ok. My concerns about messing up my child for life by sending him to private school have been obliterated.

Last night was a parent's meeting at the school with the teachers and it was fantastic!

 Get this: This school prays every morning before class.
                This school recites part of the preamble of the constitution, and various other famous writings  every morning.
                 This school requires each child to memorize a poem every week. (I remember my grandpa telling me he had to do this growing up and always had a great poem to tell.)
                  This school takes 6th graders and up to the Shakespearean festival every year to view a play they are reading.
                  This school has two faculty members (principal included) who work, UNPAID, because they believe in a good education.
                  My son's class has 12, count them- 12, students!!!!!!
                  Every kid learns latin to better their understanding of language and grammar.
                  The school day is from 8 - 12, so more time for extra-curicular activities.
                  Aaaaannndddd.... there is a family who lives just a few blocks away from us who wants to carpool so we can each have a week off!!!! I'm sold!

I am super excited for this year now!!!! Big sigh of relief.... bring it on, baby! (Is it next Tuesday yet?)


Shantell said...

That sounds amazing! I am so exciteed for your little guy!

Lauren said...

So glad things are looking up for you. He's going to do great!