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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If I am dreaming, please don't wake me.

I didn't have to drive the carpool this morning.

My hubby quietly told me to turn off my alarm clock when it went of...the first time, (I have it set to go off every 9 minutes and I know I can let it go off 3 times before I absolutely have to get up, and I always let it go off the full 3 times, and hubby hates it) and offered to get the kid up and ready.

My son was so quiet getting ready I never heard him leave.

My hubby was so quiet getting ready I thought he had left, but he hadn't yet.

I lay like a slug in my 4 pillows (yes 4, every girl needs several pillows) until guilt took over and I made myself get up.

My hubby came in and kissed me goodbye.

Son off to school without a hitch,(with his science project, I might add- which is a miracle in itself!)
Hubby off to work.
Mommy got a full night's sleep.

This day is starting off like a dream! Reality: I hope you take the day off.