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Friday, January 20, 2012

Yearnin' for the land o'the green...and needing the green to go.

This morning as I went to take my son to school, the weather was absolutely beautiful. Now, when I say "beautiful" I don't mean your usual sunny, warm, birds chirping kind of beautiful. No, to me beautiful is rainy, not too cold, misty. It made me think of the weather in March. (Yes, it is January, but we're having freakish end-of-the-world weather in Utah right now. IT's kind of creepy, actually.)

The weather made my bones yearn. My ancestral bones from Ireland, Scottland, Wales. They yearn for this:

I've only been to Wales, but I felt I was going home. Really! It was kind of strange, actually, but I really felt like I belonged there.

So, today I am listening to celtic music, loving the rain, and dreaming of greener places.
Oh, this is a picture of my ancestral castle in Scottland. Buchannan Castle- pretty cool, huh?

Erin go Bragh!!! (my name does mean Ireland, you know.)