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Monday, March 3, 2008

At least my bottom was happy!

Yesterday we spent the entire Sacrament Meeting out in the foyer on the soft couch. I have to say, I think more people would come to church if they all had soft couches to sit on. I mean, people fall asleep anyway, so why not let those who are staying awake had more comfortable bottoms as well?

Why were we out in the foyer, you ask? We arrived late and Sacrament was just starting, and we didn't want to be disruptive. Usually when this happens we just go back and sit in the chapel when the sacrament is over. However, yesterday, I was so comfortable, and having a bad hair day, and not feeling well, so I decided we would just stay out in the foyer. Where was the voice of my mother telling me to go sit on the 2nd row and be a good girl? I was too comfortable and lazy to listen! (Sorry Mom!) However, we were able to listen quite reverently, Eason included, for most of the testimonies. I think it actually made me listen more because I was trying to figure out who was speaking! And then, when the other ward let out, it was like an exercise in listening to the Holy Ghost, because we could hardly hear the speakers over the noise of the people around us. And then when the guy with the screaming baby couldn't help her quite down, it was also an exercise in patience and perserverance. So, you see, sitting in the foyer is going to help us have a great Family Home Evening tonight! And, our bottoms will be that much happier today because of it!

Ok, well, sometimes isn't it enough to say we went to church at all? Don't you ever have those days?


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I think it's a good thing for sure that you went to church at all. :) It could be so much easier just to stay home but you made the effort.

Whit said...

I love those couches too! They are a nice break once in a while. Although I don't think I have done that since I was pregnant with Sofi. Although I have sat in a dark room by the foyer and listened to the meeting! Fun times!

Jen said...

When Seth has to work on Sundays and we get to church late, sometimes we sit in the foyer too. At least you were all listening reverently - which more than I can say for the times when I sit in the foyer!

Andrea said...

I thought your hair looked really cute on Sunday.