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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Free Apron Give Away!!!!

Hey everyone,
My friend is giving away one of my aprons on her blog as a promotion for my site! She gets a lot of traffic every day, so it's a great boost for me! You can go to Loraleesluneytunes and read all about how to enter. (Just ignore the pictures of us, though. I don't know what she was thinking posting those horrid things!) It is for your choice of aprons on my site, so how much better can it get! The contest ends Friday, though, so hurry up!

Who doesn't like free stuff?????


Loralee Choate said...

Hey, we were HAWT back then!

Blame Jonathan. He left my boxes of memorabilia on our driveway during our basement remodel and I have very few photos left.


Can't wait to see who wins this thing!!!

Heather Gardner said...

I was ordering off of Etsy last night and noticed you have sold several aprons and were added to people's favorites! That is so exciting. I love Etsy, it's a great site...