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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Misunderstood..... what else is new?

Ok, ok, ok!!!! I take this moment to officially state that I did not intend my previous post as a bash on anyone I know!!!! If you are one of the few who took it personally, just don't, ok? I was spewing forth random thoughts from my head.. it gets a little crowded in there... lots of voices all competing with eachother.
Sometimes I have to remind myself out loud (or in writing) what is really important. Especially when I've returned from a trip to Ikea where I fantasized about all the neat furniture and storage items I could purchase if I wasn't spending all my money to go to Europe. (I did, however, come home with a niffty little t.v. tray for my bed.)

I guess sometimes I need to remind myself that I am just as good as the next person... even if I live on Drug Dealer Way. Hey, at least I know if I ever pick up the habit, I'll only have to go as far as my front sidewalk to get the goods!

So, is everything ok again? Is your blood pressure going down, now? You can stop sending me nasty emails, ok? I think you're great! Yep, I do! Oh... gotta go, the voices in my head are urging me to go eat chocolate!


Loralee Choate said...

Did someone email you or say something in person? Because I think that all your comments were totally supportive, bug.

Besides, look at how many people you got talking because of what you wrote! It's a GOOD thing!!!!

You rock.

Heidi said...


Oh, you just gotta love "blog by jury"... ;)

Write what you want "dah-ling", and don't apologize for it. You don't have to write everything sugar-y and with a spring in your step!

I love ALL your entries! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is what a blog is for! I thought it was very heartfelt and reminds us how we all feel in this neighborhood. Don't ever change what you want to write in your blog!!!! Then it won't be fun for you! That's why I made mine private. I can bash Jotham's work or whoever I please and noone will ever know except my close friends!! You are awesome Erin, and I know that living in our neighborhood in our teeny houses is very bittersweet... Very bittersweet!

BugHunter said...

Ah, internet offense. This is hilarious to me. The internet is a very big space, and people new to the "blog thing" have a different perspective on it. A blog isn't the same thing as sending emails back and forth. Unless a post has specifics involved, then it isn't about you (in general). Get over yourselves.

That is all...

Keep up the posts with substance Erin.

Andrea said...

I was going to say "Wes always says.." But apparently Wes already did say. Blogs are where you get out your thought regardless of whether people read them or like them.

Shantell said...

I love your blog. I am glad that we are all kind of in the same boat in this neighborhood and there is somewhere we can all talk about it. You don't have to apologize. This is your place to say whatever you want.