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Monday, March 31, 2008

Life's Not Fair

I hate... hate... HATE it when kids whine and say "It's NOT FAIR!!!!" That just makes me lose my mind! Having only 1 child, I really don't hear it much, which is probably why I still have a child at all! I think having to compete with siblings causes you to find out the cold, hard, truth that life isn't fair all too soon.

When I was little, my Dad didn't cater to that kind of whining, either. If one of us kids would say "Hey... how come SHE got more than Me?????" He would simply reply, "Because I love her more." That would pretty much put a stop to the whining. I tend to take the same approach. Whenever Eason says "Mom, that's not fair!" I just say, "Well, I'm just a mean mom!" He immediately replies that, no, I am a really nice mom... reverse psychology has always worked on him!

However, refusing to give in to the whining doesn't change the fact that, yes, life is really NOT fair! Sometimes little things really get to me and I find myself wanting to cry out "NOT FAIR!!!" although I know it will accomplish nothing. For example, Oreos. I love the yummy chocolatey cookies... HATE the cream filling. They sell double stuff Oreos, regular stuff, strawberry stuff, mint stuff..... it goes on and on... but do they sell NO stuff???? Absolutely NOT! I have to purchase the regular stuff kind and sit with a knife and a plate and scrape the yucky pastey filling off of each and every one! It just isn't fair!

I won't even go into how mad it makes me when I have stood in line at the store waiting and waiting, only to find the checker decides to take a break just as I get up there. Or showing up early to a movie, getting the perfect seat and then having late comers constantly squeezing past you and sticking their rear ends in your face as they shuffle to their seats because they didn't get their early, all the while talking out loudly to their friends, or worse, on their cell phone!!!

Of Course, there's always those incidents at work where someone who hasn't been there as long as you, and does less work than you, has made buddy- buddy friends with your manager and finds themselves catapulted up to management over you! Luckily, the position I'm in now prevents anyone from surpassing my ranking as
1st Lady of the House. But I hear about it from Merritt and it makes my blood boil! I compose nasty emails in my sleep... I really have Merritt nervous sometimes! hee hee hee!

I'm stewing over some other stuff that's just not fair right now. I won't get into it, but it's NOT FAIR!!!! However, there's nothing I can do about it so I'll just go scrape some filling out of Oreos and sulk.


Lauren said...

Erin, they do make "No Stuff" Oreos now. They are the 100 calorie Thin Crisps. I hope that makes your day a little brighter!

Erin Evans Taylor said...

I've tried those. They are a sad, sorry replacement for oreos. First of all, who wants to feel healthy while eating oreos. Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose???? They taste kind of like Wheat Thins that someone who had been eating oreos breathed on. Just not the same.

Adria Sha said...

I finally learned how to respond to those "It's not fair!" protests. I say, "I know."

Then really, what can they say? No matter what they come back with, I repeat, "I know."

It shuts them up pretty quickly, I've found.

Whit said...

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7092 Redwood Road, West Jordan, UT 84084 The designer of the fabric is Amy Butler. She has GREAT designs!

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Uggg I know what you mean about going to the movies and having the late-comers crawl all over you. That is so annoying. Or when they ask you to move a seat because they need an extra seat!!