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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring has sprung.... sort of!

Arrrrrrrrrrggggggg!!!!! I was getting all excited for spring, and I even have 2 daffodills in bloom, but what do I wake up to this morning?????

My poor little flower is cold and shivering!!!!

Oh, well, yesterday I took Eason to the Zoo. I hadn't been since last fall, and we only got to be there for an hour, and it was getting cold, but it was still fun! This little monkey was sooo cute!

This little Orange Tamarind had just had twin babies the day before. The picture is hard to tell, but the orange lump on the bigger monkey's back is the new little baby clinging for it's life!!!!

And finally, two funny monkeys!!!!

We got a family pass, so we can go every Friday after school if we want! I am very excited!!!! I guess I'll just pass the drudgery of this snowy day sewing... and baking cookies!!!!


Heidi said...

Cookies??? Did someone say COOKIES???