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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crazy Friday night!

Yes... here at our house, we know how to have a good time on a Friday night!

12:56 AM- car pulls up to intersection in front of our house (we live on the corner)
Car's music is BLARING!!!! I can hear it inside my home- I HATE that!

1:01 AM- car is STILL there. I assume whoever's in it is making out, either
that or they are waiting for a drug deal. Yes, didn't you know my street
is drug central? Well, they are very sly about it- cars pull up next to
eachother, people exchange "gifts" and drive off. Ya... real nice!

1:02 AM- hubby puts on clothes and goes out to knock on car window to ask them to
turn music down, or drive on. I am praying no one jumps out and decks him!
He quickly turns back and runs into house! I'm freaking out!

1:03 AM- Hubby tells me to call 911- lady is passed out in driver's seat, doors are
locked, he can't wake her up, but she is breathing. Dog barking in back.

1:04 AM- Call 911. Get told we aren't in that jurisdiction and transfered to another
department!!!! Get put on hold- HELLO!!!! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY PEOPLE!!!!
They keep asking how old she is. "I don't know, she's slumped over!" "Well,
make a guess..." "Uh... ok, somewhere between 16 and 60?!" "Mid 20's?"
"Sure, mid-20's. Whatever you want!" Grrrrrrr.....

1:08 AM- Get mad, hang up and call back again. Finally get someone who will take me

1:25 AM- 2 police cars show up, 1 fire truck, 1 ambulance. *Finally* They easily
Jimmy the windows and get into the car. After much trying, they are able
to wake the woman up. She's drunk... shocking! 2 more police cars show up.

2:00 AM- Take beligerant woman to police car in cuffs. Wait for animal control to
come take the dog so they can tow the car away. Flashing lights in our
bedroom window, people talking right outside- who can go to sleep? Oh ya,
the lady operating the large SUV could... how nice for her!

2:30 AM- Tow truck and animal control finally finish up so we can go to bed! I feel
bad for the dog having to sleep in a cage. I feel bad for the woman for
a nightmare she is going to wake up to in the morning!

What a night!!!!!! I am just baffled at how someone so intoxicated could
even think to operate a vehicle. I guess that's just it- she didn't think.
I'm glad it was the middle of the night and no one was on the street, and
no one got hurt!


heather said...

Yikes! Don't you love the Sheriff's office and 911? So glad her car didn't crash into your front yard...

Heidi said...


Can I just say that I love my dead end street? Sure, we have *excitement* every now and again, but nothing like YOUR neighborhood! LOL

Jen said...

Sounds like some good times! Don't you just love losing sleep because other people are stupid?

Shantell said...

I am kind of frightened about the 911 thing. My mom accidently set off our alarm the other day and when the alarm company called the police to have them come check it out, they said that a home with that number didn't exist so they couldn't do anything. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. I am glad you finally talked to someone who could help you.

Whit said...

That is the craziest story! How wierd!!!!