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Thursday, November 20, 2008

P.S. to last posting...

Ok. I must take this moment to clear my husband's good name (which I will NOT mention here for his own privacy! And the fact that he would KILL me if I did, even though he has never read my blog in the 9 months since I started posting.)

So, I am here to say that my dear, sweet, kind, funny, loving hubby did NOT complain about the gift card. It was solely MY doing. I take all selfish responsibility on my own head!

I have no intent to hurt anyone's feelings. If you went out and got your entire family 7-11 gift cards for Christmas this year, great! I am just laughing because there's really NOTHING we would be getting at 7-eleven, except maybe gas, but there isn't one with a gas station anywhere around here. Oh, I guess we could buy a bunch of their burritos and get gas that way. (sorry- it's late.)

Anyway, don't reign evil thoughts onto my hubby's head. They can all be directed at me. I don't get as hurt by evil thoughts, anyway. I wear a special tin foil helmet to bed so evil thoughts don't get into my dreams!


Jen said...

You could always get slurpees! MMMM! I do agree though - kind of a stupid incentive!