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Friday, November 14, 2008

De Junk room now open!!!!

Ok. I have been trying to de-junk my house. I have lots of "stuff" that I really don't need or use anymore, but I can never manage to make it to the DI. So, I have an idea:

Why not get rid of it on a blog? I will post items I am getting rid of on If you want it, it's yours!!!! And, if you have something you want to get rid of, feel free to do so on this site!!!!

I mean, how often have you said, "Man, I wish I had a fish aquarium, but I don't want to go pay a load of money for a new one... surely somebody's gotta have one lying around somewhere...."

Well, Guess what? I do!!!!

It'll be kind of like a mini Craig's list- but for neighbors and close friends. If you are in need of something, just ask if anyone has it, and see what happens.

So, the De-junk room doors are now open!!!!


Chrissy said...

That's a wonderful Idea! You are so smart this is exactly what everyone needs and I can totally see the future going this way! You're such the entreprenuer! I feel so good when I give, why not clean your house/closets and give at the same time all in the comfort of your own home!

I can't begin to tell you all the changes–external and internal–that a book I just finished called "Your Spacious Self" is helping move along. I tried the "Unplugging" suggestion, and immediately felt a difference in my attitude towards the people who routinely press my buttons. This book is amazing.
It's written by an award winning author, Stephanie Bennett Vogt and is for the un-organzied (obviously) but also for the organized people out there!
I hope you give this a look, but definately continue with your de-junk room that's an awesome idea!