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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Life's Lessons Keep On Coming....

I had to teach the Young Women in church on Sunday. I actually really love teaching Young Women- they are so cute, and fun! I really feel like I relate more to the young women than I do the grown women!

Our lesson this week was on being dependable. I cringed when I read the lesson because, despite my best efforts, sometimes I forget responsibilities. I don't mean to! Honestly! In fact, I even bought a day planner so I wouldn't forget my responsibilities, but I ended up forgetting to bring it with me, or forgetting to write in it, and it was useless!

So, teaching the girls about the importance of being dependable and reliable felt a bit hypocritical. However, I promised them I would bring them caramel apples last night, if they did an assignment I asked of them. I told them I would show I was dependable by bringing the treats by in the evening on Monday night.

Guess what? I forgot to make the caramel apples! Ya! At about 4:30 pm I suddenly realized I needed to make caramel apples! I dropped everything I was doing so I could make sure I got this one thing done! I got them delivered, and sighed with relief that I had done it!

So, lesson learned? Well, I know I may have all the best intentions, but it's my actions that speak louder than anything. I guess I'll just keep trying!!!!


Jen said...

You are so awesome! I bet the lesson was great - I was sad to miss it! Those are some lucky girls to have you bringing them caramel apples! And, I am so excited for our dinner next week - my mouth waters just thinking about it!

heather said...

mmmmm...caramel apples, you girls are always making me hungry!

Anonymous said...

I too found myself checking my "dependibility" during that lesson. I just have to say that you are AMAZING for those young women and everything that dependable is! :)