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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ungrateful child that I am!

Call me picky, ungrateful, whatever. My husband works 10 and 12 hour days at work, busting his butt to do his best for his company and bring a decent paycheck home. All he gets in return is emails saying, "Must work harder. Must sacrifice your families for the company so boss can make more money- it's your duty!"

So, I was very happy to hear that his supervisor was finally going to offer an incentive for all the extra hours put in. "It's about time", is what I said!

So, am I terrible for thinking the $50 gift card he received is, well, tacky?

Oh, did I mention it is a gift card to 7-eleven?????????

"Yes, I'd like 25 hot dogs please.....Oh, and can you throw in a few slurpees? "

Maybe his work is trying to kill off their dedicated employees, rather than try to find a good reason to fire them. That way they don't have to pay unemployment!


Jess said...

7-11!?!? Who in the world thought to themselves, "You know what the employees will really like? 7-11 gift cards!" That reminds me after Tim's project was completed and he had worked his little butt off, Disney gave them a stuffed Bolt Dog, to say thanks. What a slap in the face.

heather said... can get enough candy and donuts for the next ten years. Lovely!

Doney Days said...

I agree with you. Last year at Dan's company party they announced that instead of Christmas bonuses, they donated the money to charity! What the h? Don't get me wrong, it was very thoughtful. But don't give away the employees money that you were going to give them, and then tell them that's where it went. We were annoyed. Let us choose where we want to put the money. Thet probably didn't even donate any. I know, I'm a hag!

Andrea said...

It always baffles me who keeps 7-11 in business. Do people not realize how much more they're paying? I guess there's always slurpees. The 7-11 original.