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Monday, November 17, 2008

Sick as a dog....

No- it isn't me. I'm not sick as a dog. My dog was sick all night long! I noticed he was drinking a lot of water- like 2 big bowls full of water, right before bed. I thought, "Great, he'll want to get up in an hour to pee." so I stayed up.

Sure enough, the dog was itching to get out about an hour later. But, then he came back in and drank and drank and drank some more. I knew something was wrong. I decided I'd better keep an eye on him for longer- make sure he doesn't puke all over the living room floor. Sure enough, he had to go back out again.

This happened over and over and over last night. He would go out and gorge himself on grass- which I read dogs do to make themselves throw up sometimes. Sure enough, he'd get sick, and then do it all over again.

Needless to say, I spent the night in the not-too-uncomfortable guest bed so I didn't wake up my hubby with my getting up so much.

I would have left him out all night, but he gets really wheezy in the cold weather and has a hard time breathing. I thought how I would feel if I was sick and made to stay outside all night, so I just took care of him.

My hubby thinks I'm ridiculous for going to such lengths to take care of a my sick dog. Hint: don't tell your wife her actions are ridiculous after she's had about 2 hours of sleep that night. Not a good idea!

Boring post??? yes, but at least the dog is feeling better. Now, if I could just train him to take care of me!!!!


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Poor puppy, I hope he feels much better! It's true that pets are like children, so I totally understand you staying up all night to take care of him.

Jen said...

You are a very sweet dog-mom. I am not that nice - in fact, Seth is completely in charge of all doggy sickness because I can't handle it.