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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chip off the young, smart, beautiful block!

My son takes after me.

(No... shrieks of horror are not appreciated, thank you!)

What I mean is that I like to do things myself. If I have a large piece of furniture I want moved, I don't want to wait for the man to come home from work and help me, I want it moved NOW!

My husband ofen comes home to a totally rearranged house. (That's what he gets for marrying someone who can't make up her mind!)

Yesterday, my son wanted a television moved into his room. I didn't want to move it right then so I told him I'd do it later.

The next thing I know, he has grabbed his cousin and they are both carrying the television!!!

Maybe he'll start rearranging the furniture in his room all by himself, next!