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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Avon calling.... eeeeek!

Well, I've done it.

I've signed up to sell Avon.

I love the makeup, really I do! But the memory of my mom's Avon "man" haunts me to this day. He (yes, it was really a man! I know!) used to come to our house and plop himself down on our living room floor, spreading his wares out all across our floor. He also sold Amway, and Jaffra... and... well, I can't remember it all. But I would stand there staring in complete confusion whenever he'd come. A guy selling Avon??? However, he did have TONS of mini trial lipsticks which I just loved. But should your Avon representative have plumber's butt?

Anyway, I signed up because I love the makeup and I figured I might as well get the seller's price. That's it. And, no, I don't have plumber's butt!

So, if you're interested in trying Avon, or love Avon and don't currently have a rep, go ahead and click here. I promise not to spread my wares across your living room, or flash you my moon!


Whit said...

Fun stuff! Good luck though! I have the hardest time selling right now. I will pass out 100 books at a time and nothing! But I really like having the option of a website. If you get an order each campaign from the web site you don't have to pay the fee. So sometimes I order something cheap so I don't have to pay the fee. Isn't that terrible. But I usually give it way as a gift! But I love the GREAT deals you get as a distributor!