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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My life as a blog...

It's funny how my life has changed since blogging and Facebook. People I haven't spoken to in years and years suddenly comment on my daily activities, and there are even some who've friended me on Facebook I didn't even know I knew! (Luckily, they can't tell on Facebook that you don't remember them at all! You just have to click "Accept", or not.)

Conversations at church no longer begin with "How have you been?" or "What have you been up to this week?" Rather, they go more like this: "So... I totally agree with you about such and such..." or "So... Mexico, huh?" However, I can't complain, I do it too.

It drives my husband crazy, though. People know all sorts of things about us, and when they approach him in the same manner, with no preemptive nicities... well, it throws him off guard. "How did you know we were thinking of going to Mexico?" "How did you know my son said that?" Then he remembers... oh, ya... the blog.

He refers to my blog as "The Blog", as though it were something vile and embarrassing... like the looney aunt everyone tries to keep hidden from the outside world, but who waves her bra out the bedroom window to let eveyone know she's there. (Ok, I don't actually have an aunt like this, but I often wish I did! Would I be the aunt in this analogy? Is my blog the dangling bra? Hmmm......)

My husband still speaks in the old fashioned way- "What's going on in your life?" He doesn't yet know people don't do that anymore. I don't even think the same as I used to. I think in terms of short phrases I can post on my Facebook page, or in interesting stories I can write about on my blog. Doing dishes, I'm not thinking about mundane things like what am I going to make for dinner, or what to do about my son's habit of holding his breath. No! I think in terms of, how can I word this on my blog to make it sound more interesting!

There are a lot of fictitious blogs out there as well. The trouble is, you can't always tell if they're fiction or not. I got totally caught up in this blog once- read it for hours and hours, wondering if this girl was going to end up with this guy, or another. I was completely sucked in! Then one day I happened to read her profile, which I'd not bothered to do before. I was completely taken in... it was a fictional blog! Completely made up! I am often tempted to make up stuff about my own life-- pretend it's much grander than it is, but that wouldn't let anyone down but myself. And when people started asking my husband about our trip to the Bahamas, or my new 3 karat diamond ring... well.... you can see the problem.

Ok, so maybe I think in "blog" terms, and maybe I daydream a bit... don't we all? But it's nice to know people are interested enough to read about my mundane life, and allow me to peek into theirs. Maybe someday I will become like the crazy aunt, and my blogging will become much more interesting. How long will that be? Well... I don't know yet, but I'll keep you posted!


Chief said...

My husband and boys have a love/hate relationship with my blog. They wish I didn't tell the internet worlds all about their idiot antics. I told them to act respectable and I will blog about how respectable they are. Act like animals and I will blog about that. I use the geneology excuse. I tell them it is for our relatives to read 200 years from now when their boys do dumb stuff, they will know that it's OK, it's just a guy thing.

Treasure Parrish Hatch (from Oakcrest) I wanted you to know who I was so you wouldn't just pretend to know me. :)

Jen said...

I think in blog-ese too! Ah, how technology changes your life! I am dying to know which fictional blog you were reading...was it My Super Hopeless Romance...if not, don't read that one...she stopped writing it just before a conclusion. Thanks for sharing your life with us - and, I'll try to remember the old-fashioned greetings for your hubby!